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Louvre Window System


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   fresAir Louvre Windows brings maximum light and optimum
   ventilation into your premises. Its adjustable nature gives you full       control of the desired air filtration-be it a cool draft or a whisper of    refreshing air. Yet when fully closed, the integrity of air-conditioning is    maintained.

   fresAir Louvre Windows are manufactured for high performance    operations that withstand weather conditions. Meets Australian
   standard for windows and independently tested and passed other
   performance tests.

   Available in 152mm standard and 102mm refine

   Customize simply with ease: the luxurious offer from fresAir Louvre    Windows.

   fresAir features, acessories and variety of options will surely take
   you to a comfortable & refreshing home.

   Specify 8mm or 13.52mm thick laminated glass for wider span.

   Open joint concept in weathering.
   Straight-edge design and clean define looks
   Bold and smooth look
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